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Free EBOOK Weekend!

Hello Everyone,

I've been struggling with marketing my books. I've asked myself a billion questions, such as what social media platforms I should be on, whether I SHOULD pay for ads, whether I SHOULD do this, and whether I SHOULD do that, and then the real question finally showed up: 

Why do you write?

I can answer that! I write first and foremost to help others. I've learned I'm an empath and know what it feels like to be lonely, scared, confused, and different. Like your voice holds no truth, and if it does, who's listening anyway? I know I'm listening and can feel the pain of others, so I want my experiences to shine some light on another soul and bring understanding or, at the very least, a minute amount of hope. 

I write to process my emotions. And why do that? Once again, I want to help not only myself but also others. That is the answer to all the essential questions.

I'm not spending countless hours on my keyboard or jotting in my notebook to make a living as a writer, so I am giving my books away today. 

I aim to be something other than a best-selling writer or the best at anything. It's just to be more courageous and to share.

So, if you want to read something, my memoir When Then Became Now and my novella The Unlikely Dreamcatcher are available for free download this weekend. I'd love to hear what you think if you try them.

Have a beautiful day,


free memoir ebook -  love

free magical realism - novella ebook -  latinx

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