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Monique Rardin Richardson is a native of the Bay Area. She discovered the joy of reading at a young age and began writing poetry and short stories during her middle school years to help her cope with the difficulties of adolescence.


It took her a long time to embrace the passions she held in her heart and to gain the confidence to pursue her hidden dreams. With a glimmer of hope, she discovered that it was never too late and started to explore her love for photography and writing.


She is now the author of three books: The Unlikely Dreamcatcher, When Then Became Now, and Despina the Anti-Cupid. Additionally, several of her poems have been published.


As a half-Hispanic woman, Richardson often incorporates her roots into her stories and hopes that her voice resonates with those who struggle to find their own.


Richardson's talent extends beyond writing. As a member of the California Writer's Club and the Pleasanton Art League, she has received recognition for her creative endeavors.


Her award-winning photographs grace galleries across the United States, a testament to her hard work, determination, and dedication.


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