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Autumn tree photography by Monique Rardin Richardson used for poem called Autumn Dream
Photograph by Monique Rardin Richardson

Autumn Dream

by Monique Rardin Richardson

Pausing under the sultry 

radiance that traveled

through the opening

of nature’s arms


I discover a canopy of gold

shimmering with the sound of

tranquil chimes, arising from the

brush of warm wind, skating past

the scattered dancing branches— 

a lovely pirouette


Such a marvel to watch the leaves 

surrender and soar through blue skies

and land on a luscious, attentive, soft bed 

of emerald green


How beautiful to witness nature 

free of hesitation, let go of days gone by, 

while we instinctively hold on and encase 

our hearts with webs in need of dusting


Let it go—I whisper

releasing a contented sigh

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