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Despina, a young, strong-willed Cupid who despises her family’s business and all things love, experiences what it’s like to give her heart away while on a trip to Earth when she collides with a mortal man heading off to war in the 1940s.

Filled with emotions, she’s never felt before, Despina rebels against her role as Cupid and steals something dangerous from her father, Eros before she returns to Earth to be with the man she loves. Only, he’s gone.

Entrenched in heartache and bitterness, she curses two innocent humans in a jealous rage with the power she stole from Mount Olympus, unleashing a lifetime of pain and guilt as she navigates Earth, searching for the man and her heart while keeping a close watch on the humans who try to fight against the spell that continuously drives them apart.

When The Became Now memoir

 Half of all When Then Became Now

 proceeds are donated and distributed to San Francisco Bay Area Addiction Centers and Homeless Shelters.

When Then Became Now is a memoir from the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s. It's about two Hispanic teenagers, John and Monique, who fall in love and shares the span of the relationship that crumbles from drug use to the end of John's life thirty-three years later. John left behind a son and two grandchildren, for whom he was writing his life story. Unfortunately, being homeless, his journal was lost to the streets in Southern California.


With grief in her heart, Monique writes to share

the one story she can share with John's son. The one of her and his father.


The Unlikely Dreamcatcher fantasy novella

If an inanimate object could give you what you are missing in your life, would you keep it or throw it away? What if the item revealed magical worlds, fabulous opportunities, and a chance to change everything in your world?

When a young woman named Annie, who lives in Washington State, discovers a camera that can come into her dreams and take photographs, it forever changes her life and those after her who possess it.

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