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Monique Rardin Richardson poem: Who Should Have Come First
Photograph by Monique Rardin Richardson

Who Should Have Come First

by Monique Rardin Richardson


In an enchanting dark room, we stood surrounded

by nothing but a view of one another and a history spanning decades


To the left, an ex-lover, trying to be a friend

He declared to be in my life until his last breath

But could never be reached when in need of his voice

A man who roamed the earth like the wind,

detached from promises, even ones made to himself


To the right, a dreamer, so full of passion,

he couldn't stay connected because of the "fantasy" affair

taking place in his beautiful self-made garden of Eden

He feared himself if the happiness dissolved, 

and me, who he didn't believe he deserved


Straight ahead in the distance, there was a mirror


I pushed the silhouette to the left and watched him

Scatter into pieces and fly away like the seeds of a dandelion

finding a new place, to consume its inner beauty


My hand rested for a beat on the heart of the figure on the right, 

then I watched him crumble like a sandcastle slipping away 

with the force of the waves on land


and I awoke... and stepped towards myself

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