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Despina the Anti-Cupid

Beautiful Love Story

"Once again Monique Rardin Richardson has written a story that captures the bittersweetness of love so beautifully. It’s not only mere mortals that experience the ache and warmth of love and loss, but Demi-Gods too. We are in good company. Rardin Richardson effortlessly weaves the magic of mythology through the present day creating an original and timeless story honoring those moments and the people who shape and define us in all matters of the heart."

 Sarah Welborn

Charming And Clever

"I was instantly drawn into this story from the first page all the way to the end. I love the clever ways that mythology is woven into modern-day life. The author does a great job of crafting a story that spans a broad space of time while keeping it full of action, love, and adventure. Very charming and delightful book to read."

V. Crosby

Great Romance Meets Fantasy!

"Monique Rardin Richardson makes the fantasy world of the Greek gods realistic and complete – you feel immersed in the setting, get a flavor of sight, sound, smell and touch wherever she leads you. She puts you in the moment with descriptions of intergenerational conflicts, societal expectations, and the rewards and agony of defying one’s elders. I loved how the gods, when they descended to earth, adapted human customs; the description of Anteros walking down the street in board shorts and barefoot was especially delightful. Having lived in New York, I thought her description of New York City was perfect. Despina’s coming of age, her relationship with her parents, Eros and Psyche, her sister, Vee, and her unrequited love with Everett are all relatable. And the heartfelt reunion of Despina with her parents and wonderful culmination of each character’s fate provided a satisfying ending to the story."


Linda Drattell

Author and Poet

When Then Became Now

1.FiveStarReview TB300.png

Decades-spanning journey through

 love, loss, and  resilience.

"What a beautiful story. Richardson captures her audience with her authenticity, effortlessly drawing them into the highs and lows of her and John’s life together. Her writing is infused with raw emotion that just oozes off the pages. She invites readers to walk alongside her through every twist and turn of their journey, making each moment feel deeply personal, as if they were part of the reader’s own experiences."

Sheri Hoyte 

Reader Views 

A True Story That I Desperately Needed

"My immediate reaction after I finished reading were uncontrollable tears and sobbing. This is a huge first step towards my grieving process. This book is about my father and someone who loved him unconditionally to the very end."

Mychal Reposa

John Reposa's Son

This Is One Of Those Memoirs That Combines All My Favorite Elements...

I absolutely adored this book. I started reading it and just couldn’t stop and finished the whole thing in two days. This is one of those memoirs that combines all my favorite elements: intriguing characters meshed with a slice-out-of-time that feels so real it’s like you’re actually there.

Lauren Sapala

Author of The INFJ Revolution

Moving And Deep In Just The Right Ways, This Memoir Will Break Your Heart And Put It Back Together Again.

There’s something magical about this book. For most of it, I forgot that this is a memoir, treating it as fiction instead. It’s so perfectly written, so enticing and engrossing, that I couldn’t stop reading, no matter how much I tried. Richardson is a very skilled writer, her prose coming alive off the page in several magical, humbling ways that I just could not forget.

Nisha Ward


The Unlikely Dreamcatcher

A Beautiful Adventure.

"The Unlikely Dream Catcher is such a gift it deserves be read twice!
The smooth writing style brings you on a ride throughout the book. Wow…..”One never knows what they could find in a second store , IS RIGHT”! And you could really see yourselves and your own friends and family in these characters. I really enjoyed reading Monique Rardin Richardson’s work and I highly recommend this book to others!"

Antonio Aldarondo

Author of Big Heart Poet

Wonderful and accessible story

"A tale of wish fulfillment that twists fantastically into a heart warming adventure. The author has an accessible, charming writing style and an incredible imagination for drawing pictures with words."


Chris McCooey

Singer, Songwriter and Producer

The Unlikely Dreamcatcher Introduces Readers

To A Host Of Intriguing Characters.

"Reality and fantasy meet in a perfect blend - like one of those vanilla/chocolate ice cream treats from Dairy Queen. Annie...Vince...Richard...Heath...Caroline...Otto...and a dog named Augustus all find their lives inexorable impacted by the most intriguing (and enigmatic) character, a magical camera. Open the book and find yourself captured in a wonderful world of imagination. "Dreamcatcher" represents Monique Richardson's initial foray into the writing world - and what a delightful first step it is!"

Barnes and Noble Reader

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