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Trying Something New

Updated: Feb 29

I can add another "first" to the next chapter of my life. I'm thrilled to be #9 out of 15 chosen winners from almost 300 submissions to be in the California Writers Club Ekphrastic Book of Poetry, Prose, Art, and Photography

February 1, 2024 - March 7, 2024

I've never had someone write poetry or prose about my art before, and I can't wait to see what writers come up with <3 It's so exciting and fun!

Once again, I'm proof that there is always time to be the person you've always wanted to be. I once was a lonely girl in her room, writing poems and enjoying the stillness of developing film in a dark room in middle school. A memory from long ago that I'm so pleased accidentally became my reality. Don't worry about doing it right; take the first step in doing something you enjoy, and the rest will follow <3

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